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The Speed-Summit EXPO #SpeedSummit24

3. Speed-Summit: September 14, 2024
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Speed Summit
Speed Summit
Sep 14, 2024, 9:00 AM – 7:55 PM
Strobelallee 40, 44139 Dortmund, Germany

Get your early bird ticket now (limited number) 

or the Group ticket for 4 for your club or team

incl. lunch and coffee breaks.

  • Special prices for deaf athletes & students & trainees.

  • Can be used for the extension of the trainer licence (LA).

  • For deaf athletes: including sign language interpreter.


3. Speed Summit 2024
Upgrade your speed

Expand your knowledge
Become a better Coach & Athlete 

You can be part of it too!

Expand your knowledge - for your success.

For coaches & all speed enthusiasts in sport.

What makes the Speed-Summit so unique?


We dovetail the topics of coaching, training with innovation & experience and break with silo thinking! New perspectives and innovative thinking for speed training. 

Gain motivation & energy for your coaching.


Learn new holistic

strategies & methods.

We want to create ourselves with our own

Speed Think Tank. 

Discover inspiring solutions and ideas at our

Speed EXPO with selected partners.


We want to learn from the best with results that will take you further. Directly applicable for coaches & athletes.

Best practice in speed training. Benefit from the enormous experience from science & practice.


We build the speed community together with you at our Summits & Events. 

Know-how transfer, learning and networking across all speed sports with fun.

Recognition and appreciation for the coaches are important to us!

Take part!

For coaches & all speed enthusiasts.

The Why: 


Learning from the best in the speed universe.



Look forward to the first speakers in 2024!
Here we continuously announce the speakers at #speedsummit24:

WhatsApp Image 2024-03-22 at 09.21.26.jpeg

Viola Kleiser

National coach
400m hurdles
Austrian Athletics Federation

Prof Dr. Stefan Raunser.webp

Prof. Dr. Raunser

Director of the Department of Structural Biochemistry
Max Planck Institute of Molecular Physiology
Research on muscle contraction.

Portrait Raphael Schuler_Aycane.jpeg

Raphael Schuler

Sports Performance Consultant &

Speed Coach for Teamsport 

Master of Science in Sports Science


Dr. Tobias Alt

Sports scientist at the Olympic Training Centre NRW/Westphalia (biomechanics & performance diagnostics).

Benjamin Brömme.jpg

Benjamin Brömme

National coach
400m hurdles
Austrian Athletics Federation

Andreas Klose.jpeg

Andreas Klose

National coach
400m hurdles
Austrian Athletics Federation


Rico May

National coach
400m hurdles
Austrian Athletics Federation

Silhouette Frau.jpg

weitere Speaker

National coach
400m hurdles
Austrian Athletics Federation

  • International trainers & scientists​ pass on their experiences. 

  • From Science to successful implementation into sports practice.

  • Strategies for: start, acceleration & max. speed and much more 

  • For every sport (also Team-Sport: soccer, basketball and so on).

  • ​Injury prevention strategies.

Speaker 2_edited.jpg

  • From young speed athletes to high-level and master athletes.

  • Strategies for injury prevention in the sports.

  • Achieving peak speed performance in a healthy way.


The content & your advantages:

​✅  We bring leading experts together, to share their success strategies             for excellence.

✅  Exciting & instructive lectures on the subject of speed.

     From practice and science. 

✅  Live Clinics + Networking & Sharing + Deep Dive.

✅  Speed expert-panel on the topic of "speed" in sport.

✅  New: Workshops with our own athletes.

✅  Latest solutions - technology and equipment for your success.

✅  Learn from the many years of experience of the leaders

​      speed experts.

✅  Connect and exchange ideas with the participants of the

✅  Build valuable contacts.

The Speed Summit 2023 brought
national and international experts came to Dortmund

Our previous
speakers 2023

Henk Kraijenhoff.webp
Henk Kraaijenhof
The Coaching Legend
International Performance Consultant &
Speed coach from the Netherlands
  • Instagram

Henk Kraaijenhof coaching credentials include Nelli Cooman, Merlene Ottey, Troy Douglas and Tennis-Star

Mary Pierce. 

  • Henk Kraaijenhof (1955) started as coach in sports in 1975. Right from the start he had the opportunity to work with elite athletes at national and international level in many sports. He became 3 times national champion in the 400 meter with a personal best of 47.4.

  • Originally his roots were in track and field, but he extended his expertise into other sports. In this position he coached and advised many world class and Olympic athletes. Characteristic is his quest to discover the limits in human performance of his athletes.

  • He is a high-profile coach who has his own integrated and well-founded vision on sports and human performance.   

Sports in which he works or has been working on at least national level:

  • track & field athletics: Nelli Cooman, Merlene Ottey, Mary Onyali, Sandra-Farmer-Patrick, Troy Douglas, Patrick Stevens, Letitia Vriesde, Mohamed Al Malki (Oman), Olapade  Adeniken, Olga Rypakova,  Nikita Filippov and many more.

  • swimming

  • soccer (Juventus Torino, Grasshoppers Zurich)

  • rugby (English, Irish and Welsh national rugby teams)

  • volleybal (conditioning-coach for the men and women Dutch Olympic men and women)

  • field hockey (conditioning-coach for the Dutch Olympic team men)

  • handball

  • bobsled

  • judo

  • tennis (e.g. conditioning coach for Mary Pierce)

  • golf (consultant to Padraig Harrington)

Dr. Tobias Alt
aka "Dr. Speed"

Doctor of Sports Science

(Education at the German Sport University Cologne)

  • Instagram

Sports scientist at the Olympic Training Center -NRW/Westphalia (biomechanics & performance diagnostics). 

  • Internationally renowned expert in the fields of isokinetics, (eccentric) strength training and sprint biomechanics.

  • Developing new technique guidelines for bobsleigh (2019), skeleton (2020) and sprint start (2021).

  • For 6 years in direct training and competition support of the German national teams bobsleigh, skeleton & track & field (sprint, hurdle, relay).

  • 2022 Olympic Winter Games in Beijing (5 Gold, 4 Silver, 1 Bronze) & European Championships in Munich (2x Gold). 

  • Accompanying athletes* to records: 

  • 4x100 m world record wJ U20 2017, 60 m-German indoor record 2021, 4x100 m-European record mJ U23 2021, 4x100 m-German record men 2022. 

  • 8 years of teaching (German Sport University Cologne).

Jannik Engel
Head Coach Sprint - TSV Bayer 04 Leverkusen

State Coach Sprint - T&F Verband Nordrhein

  • Instagram

Successful sprint trainer and coach for many years
of the new German record holder over the 200m
with a time of 20.02s: Joshua Hartmann.

Jannik Engel will talk about the following exciting topic:

"Development & build-up of a European
top sprinter and German record holder over the 200m: Joshua Hartmann!

Followed by a moderated sprint background discussion.

"I am someone who wins his races through technique. I have an extremely fast foot.
I'm not the powerful type."

Joshua Hartmann (German record holder - 200m)

PhD Ola Eriksrud
Associate Professor at the Norwegian School of Sport Sciences, a Specialized University in Oslo - Norwegen.

Physical Therapist and co-founder and head of research and development of both 1080 Motion and 1080 MAP.

Ongoing projects are development to new test batteries using motorized resistance technology (1080 Sprint) for change of direction (both deceleration and re-acceleration) to better understand and provide practitioners with better tools for this extremely important athletic quality. In addition, based on this development and other experiences implement effective training programs to target this quality. Other projects include development of tests of functional mobility/dynamic postural control test batteries based of task based whole body movement patterns as well as an wholistic approach to tendon rehabilitation.

Patrick Saile Foto.jpg
Was there at the 1st Speed-Summit:
Patrick Saile
National trainer Switzerland & sports scientist
  • Instagram

Sprint national coach of the Swiss Athletics Federation for the 100m, 200m, 4x100m.

  • Coach among others of Alexandra Burghardt (Olympic silver medalist in 2-man bobsleigh & top sprinter, 100m & 200m). 

  • As well as in the team of the world class sprinter: Mujinga Kambundji - Swiss record holder in sprint over 60, 100 and 200 meters. 2022 Gold at the World Indoor Championships over 60m and Gold and Silver at the European Championships over 200m and 100m in Munich.

  • Other athletes: Sarah Atcho, Amelie-Sophie Lederer, Markus Fuchs (Austrian record holder 100m) and some more.

These were the other first-class speakers
at the 2nd Speed Summit 2023:
Bildschirmfoto 2023-06-30 um 23.15.31.png

Kevin Speer

  • Instagram

M.SC., Head-Coach

Performance, training and coaching in elite sports, CSCS, ext. lecturer IST & DSHS, founder DevelopAthletes.


Collaboration with various team sports (esp. American Football) since 2016.

Biggest goal:

Data-led approaches - through which science can be translated into practice.


  • Speed development for team sports.

  • Gamespeed - modern speed training.

Oeppert, Tom.jpg

Tom Oeppert

  • Instagram

Head coach ASV Cologne & sports scientist 

Teaching activity in athletics (German Sport University Cologne). 

Scientific activity in sprint biomechanics. 


(together with Jonas Klein)


  • Unlock your Speed Potential 

  • Focus on individual diagnostics, movement strategies and super spikes.


Jonas Klein

  • Instagram

Sports Scientist (M.Sc. Performance, Training and Coaching in Elite Sports)

& former national coach para athletics

Staff member at the Institute for Training Science (DSHS)

Competitive sprint athlete.


(together with Tom Oeppert)


  • Unlock your Speed Potential 

  • Focus on individual diagnostics, movement strategies and super spikes.

Andreas Klose.jpeg

Andreas Klose

Sports Scientist (M.Sc. Performance, Training and Coaching in Elite Sports)

& former national coach para athletics

Staff member at the Institute for Training Science (DSHS)

Competitive sprint athlete.


(together with Tom Oeppert)


  • Unlock your Speed Potential 

  • Focus on individual diagnostics, movement strategies and super spikes.


Torsten Schreiber

  • Instagram

Instructor in THE elite unit of the Bundeswehr

(German Army):

Navy combat swimmer

Author of several books.



  • Mental strength: Performing (speed & precision) under extreme (mental & physical) conditions.

Bildschirmfoto 2024-02-14 um 22.22_edited.jpg

program 2024


from 08:30

Registration ✍️ & Check-In 


09:00 a.m.

Start and welcome - Here we go!


09:15 a.m.

Speaker 1: 🤩


10:15 a.m.

Masterclass & Live Clinics with

Speaker 1:👟

- Valuable practical exercises. Implementation in training practice.

(own athlete(s) can participate**)


11:10 a.m.

Speaker 2: 🤩

Practice & science for speed development in sport (sprint).

Experiences of a speed-expert.


12:05 p.m.

Masterclass & Live Clinics:

- special speed exercises for training.

(own athlete(s) can participate**)



Lunch (included in the ticket)


⚡️Energy Break⚡️ 

    & Networking


Breaks after the presentations: approx. 10 min

1:50 p.m.

Deep-Dive: 🤩 

Special valuable speed topics from the Speed-Summit partners




from 3:00 p.m.

Speaker 4 & 5: 


with Deep-Dive (practical part)


4:25 p.m.

Speaker 6: 



Speed Panel I: 

with a Speaker 



Award ceremony 🏆 of the

Speed Summit Prize🏆

for outstanding coaching merits in the speed area of the sport!




Speed Panel II: 

Sprint & Speed Developments in Sport and Q&A with the unique speakers.


approx. 7:55 p.m.

End & farewell

Party & Music & Networking


* Preliminary draft programme (subject to optimisation, changes & errors) Status: 07/2023

** Only 1 athlete per coach (only after registration). Limited space capacity.

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The Helmut-Körnig-Halle in Dortmund is one of the best and most functional sports halls in Europe.It functions as a federal base and state performance center.

Modern conference rooms are available and the hall can accommodate around 4,500 people.

Here became the Speed Record(German record) in the men's 60m sprint in 6.53s.

Strobelallee 40
44139 Dortmund
  • Can I (my company/my brand) also act as an exhibitor or partner (sponsor)?
    Yes! The Speed Summit is an ideal platform for your brand. Many multipliers and decision-makers will become aware of your brand. Contact us at: We have the right option for you.
  • Will the speed summit also be recorded?
    No. The conference will be held as a purely face-to-face event. Be inspired by the energy that is generated live and in real life by the speed enthusiasts. Documents accompanying the event will be made available promptly after the conference.
  • Are there also special ticket prices and discounts?
    Yes. Please look under the heading Tickets and "Buy Tickets". We have some special discounts there (for students, pupils, trainees, etc.). Early birders are also rewarded. It's worth it!
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