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1080MOTION embodies a revolutionary advance in training for speed, power, strength, and agility: our high performance solutions utilize a computer-controlled, motorized cable system that allows coaches, trainers, and rehab professionals to apply and control resistance across a broad range of foundational exercises

and functional movements.

Resisted/Assisted modes for ballistic, eccentric, isokinetic, and other targeted types of training.

Intuitive tablet display. Individualize load, speed, and inertia for each set and rep. Real time feedback and data analysis via our cloud-based platform.

Create resistance up to 300 kg/660 lbs and up to 3 x eccentric overload, regulated by our advanced algorithms.

Choose the right volume, intensity, and mode of resistance to maximize efficiency, safety, and engagement.


1080MOTION is a Swedish company revolutionizing strength training.

We are the leader in robotic technology solutions for neuromuscular testing and training in sports and rehabilitation. The intelligence in our solutions resides in the software and algorithms designed to test, analyze and train physical factors of performance. As a pioneer in pushing the boundaries in performance training and rehabilitation, our development efforts are always focused on bringing professional users the best and most efficient ways of working with athletes and patients.


1080 Sprint is a portable resistance training and testing device for sprints, skating, swimming and change of direction movements. It uses intelligent variable resistance technology to provide a very smooth and controllable resistance. It measures power, force, speed and acceleration with high accuracy.

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