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Performance diagnostics and professional timing 

SmarTracks offers the possibility to know exactly how the performance is and allows to train intelligently. Whether you need an accurate running app or a complete performance diagnostic tool, SmarTracks has it:

Smart Run 

Timing and step data for your runs. Perfect for tracking runs on a track or athletic field. It combines with the unique timing technology of SmartTracks Locations. If you download the app with dem DX5.0-Sensor you will get live stream timing results of sprints and agility tests.


With the innovative performance diagnostics system, the sensor can automatically recognize mobility tests, jumping tests, tapping tests and sprint tests. It is perfect for diagnosing performance, whether for an individual athlete or an entire team, for example in athletics and team sports.

timing gates 

The SmarTracks Timing Gates are a wireless, durable and simple time tracking tool. Both the Smart Run app and the diagnostics system are able to record the passing of a SmarTracks timing gate down to 0:01 seconds. In their mobile version, they can be used anywhere, or are integrated into running tracks and sports fields worldwide, which you can use for your training at any time.

Smartphone with Smart Run App with DX5.0 Timing on Athlete in Background.jpg
Smart Run Livestream Timing Screen with Runner in the Background.jpg
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